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If that's not possible i. This is not the actual Startup Settings menu. This is simply the menu, by the same name, from which you choose to exit Advanced Startup Options and restart into Startup Settings, which is where you'll be able to boot Windows 8 into Safe Mode.

Obviously the image above is an example. Your screen may show your computer maker's logo, a list of information about your computer's hardware , some combination of both, or even nothing at all. Now that your computer has restarted, you should see the Startup Settings menu. You'll see a number of advanced ways to start Windows 8, all aimed at assisting you in solving a Windows startup problem.

For this tutorial, however, we're focusing on your three Windows 8 Safe Mode choices, 4, 5, and 6 on the menu:.

Boot to Desktop

You will need a keyboard attached to your computer if you want to make a choice from Startup Settings. There's nothing to do here but wait for Windows 8 Safe Mode to load. Next up will be the login screen you normally see when your computer starts.

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To start Windows 8 in Safe Mode, you'll need to log in with an account that has administrator privileges. If you know you do not have administrator-level access, login with another account on the computer that does.

partitioning - Move Windows to beginning of disk - Super User

Assuming everything went as expected, Windows 8 should have started in whatever Safe Mode option you chose on Step 7. As you can see above, the Windows 8 Start screen doesn't start automatically. Instead, you're taken immediately to the Desktop and a Windows Help and Support window appears with some basic Safe Mode help. You might also notice the words Safe Mode at all four corners of the screen.

Now that you can access Windows 8 again, even if it is restricted in some ways thanks to being in Safe Mode, you can back up important files, troubleshoot whatever startup problem you were having, run some kind of diagnostics — whatever it is you need to do. Before beginning anything else, back up your important computer files to a separate location. Motherboard chipset, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and graphics drivers, in particular, can make the setup process much easier.

Store these drivers on a USB thumb drive for easy access once Windows is finished installing.

Windows 8.1's little changes are a huge improvement

Next, get installation media for Windows itself. For Windows 8. While it may be starting to show its age, Windows 7 is still of occasional utility among power users looking to replicate or fix old software, or people who are just stuck in their ways.

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Our guide to installing Windows 7 has all the links, detailed instructions, and a few caveats about using older operating systems that may help you troubleshoot esoteric issues. The Windows 8 process is much easier. Restart your computer and boot it from that drive. This usually requires either entering a keyboard command to open the boot menu, or entering the BIOS or UEFI on newer laptops and tablets and manually selecting the drive. It will include a full reset image Personally I've used GParted to move partitions.

I'm just that cocky. And in case it's not obvious: to edit these partitions you will need to be running from a boot disc.

Windows 8.1 Formatting and Clean Installation

I think GParted provide a bootable disc image, for example. You generally shouldn't try to edit a partition while it's mounted in a running OS :. Thanks to sourcejedi!

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Almost forgot about partitions flags, so your answer helped me. Below I describe how I came for solution. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Move Windows 8.

Introducing Microsoft Windows

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