Mechanisms of Carcinogenesis

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This research project will employ a number of recently developed cytogenetic techniques including the modified micronucleus assay, fluorescence in situ hybridization with DNA probes, and bromodeoxyuridine incorporation, as well as complementary analytical methods including accelerator mass spectrometry, and HPLC equipped with electrochemical detection.


These endpoints will be used to study the relationships between dose and various genetic, biochemical, and chemical events relevant to the early stages of OPP-induced bladder carcinogenesis. The biomarkers developed will then be applied to determine the major mechanism s of reactive species formation in vivo. The role of PHQ and the relative importance of reactive species production via enzymatic and non-enzymatic oxidation of this compound will be assessed in vivo through the modulating effects of enzyme inhibitors and conditions known to affect the biochemistry and chemistry PHQ oxidation.

Oncogenetics - Mechanism of Cancer (tumor suppressor genes and oncogenes)

Lastly, the sex and species differences in OPP-induced bladder tumorigenicity will be studied by comparing the critical biomarkers identified in the susceptible male F rats to similar biomarkers in the relatively resistant female rats and in the mouse which does not develop bladder cancer following exposure to OPP. View Preview.

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Skip to main content. S Venitt. Published July Abstract The population can be divided into four groups, or "oncodemes," depending on the relative contributions of environment and genetics to their risk of cancer.

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In this issue Vol. Mechanisms of carcinogenesis and individual susceptibility to cancer.