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Meet Piper Reed, a spunky nine-year-old who has moved more times than she can count on one hand.

From Texas to Guam, wherever Piper goes, adventure follows, inspired by her active imagination, free-wheeling spirit, and a bit of sister magic. Unlike her older sister, Piper loves being part of a Navy family, and unlike her younger sister, Piper is no prodigy genius. Piper is Piper—fearless and full of life! Piper Reed, The Great Gypsy. Kimberly Willis Holt.

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When Zachary Beaver Came to Town. The Water Seeker. The Lost Boy's Gift. My Louisiana Sky. Part of Me. Keeper of the Night. Dancing in Cadillac Light. Piper Reed Gets a Job.

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Piper Reed, Navy Brat

His grandfather, John S. McCain, Sr. McCain Sr. McCain Jr. John McCain enters the U. Naval Academy at Annapolis, Maryland, in and graduates with the class of By all accounts, especially his own, the young McCain is an indifferent and rambunctious student, prone to pranks and occasional disobedience to authority. He graduates fifth from the bottom of his class. McCain develops, by his own telling, a reputation for being undisciplined and fearless.

During his early years as a naval aviator, he is involved in three flight accidents. After the plane settles on the bottom of the bay, he comes to, then manages to free himself and swim to the surface, where he is rescued by a helicopter. After an investigation, the official Navy report attributes the accident to operator error : "the preoccupation of the pilot coupled with a power setting too low to maintain level flight.

John McCain in the Military: From Navy Brat to POW - HISTORY

During his early years as a pilot, McCain serves on aircraft carriers in the Mediterranean and Caribbean as well as at several stateside bases. In December , he flies another Skyraider too low into electrical wires in Southern Spain, causing a local blackout. In November , McCain has a third accident in a T-2 jet trainer, suffering an engine flame-out that causes him to eject from the aircraft over the Eastern Shore of Virginia.

In late , he joins a squadron of A-4E Skyhawk pilots that will deploy on the U. Forrestal, a carrier that soon heads to the Tonkin Gulf, off the coast of North Vietnam. On the morning of July 29, , McCain has another brush with death.

As he awaits his turn for takeoff from the USS Forrestal, for a bombing run over North Vietnam, another plane accidentally fires a missile. McCain manages to extricate himself from his plane, only to be hit in the legs and chest by hot shrapnel. More bombs cooked off. Body parts, pieces of the ship, and scraps of planes were dropping onto the deck. Pilots strapped in their seats ejected into the firestorm.

Men trapped by flames jumped overboard. A photograph showing U.

Contribution activity

Navy Air Force Major John McCain in a Hanoi hospital as he was being given medical care for his injuries after his Navy warplane was downed by the Northern Vietnamese army and was captured. McCain ejects, breaking both arms and one knee, and parachutes into a shallow lake. A crowd of several hundred Vietnamese gathered around me as I lay dazed before them, shouting wildly at me, stripping my clothes off, spitting on me, kicking and striking me repeatedly…. Someone smashed a rifle butt into my shoulder, breaking it. Someone else stuck a bayonet in my ankle and groin.