New Perspectives in Quantum Systems in Chemistry and Physics, Part 1

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From [ 73 ]. Abstract The dynamical behavior of open quantum systems plays a key role in many applications of quantum mechanics, examples ranging from fundamental problems, such as the environment-induced decay of quantum coherence and relaxation in many-body systems, to applications in condensed matter theory, quantum transport, quantum chemistry, and quantum information. Research Areas.

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Non-Markovian processes. Issue Vol. Authorization Required. Log In. Figure 3 The information flow between an open system and its environment according to Eq.

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Figure 7 The behavior of the trace distance with and without initial correlations. Figure 9 A system with nonlocal memory effects. Figure 10 Non-Markovian dynamics arising from an engineered frequency spectrum. Sign up to receive regular email alerts from Reviews of Modern Physics. Journal: Phys. X Rev. A Phys.

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B Phys. C Phys. D Phys. E Phys. Fluids Phys. Materials Phys.

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Applied Phys. Beams Phys. ST Accel. ST Phys.

Quantum Mechanics: An Introduction

Physics Phys. Dispersive shock waves are fascinating phenomena occurring when nonlinearity overwhelms linear effects, such as dispersion and diffraction. Many features of shock waves are still under investigation, as the interplay with noninstantaneity in temporal pulses transmission and nonlocality in spatial beams propagation. Despite the rich and vast literature on nonlinear waves in optical Kerr media, spatial dispersive shock waves in nonlocal materials deserve further attention for their unconventional properties.

Indeed, they have been investigated in colloidal matter, chemical physics and biophotonics, for sensing and control of extreme phenomena. Here we review the last developed theoretical models and recent optical experiments on spatial dispersive shock waves in nonlocal media.

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Moreover, we discuss observations in novel versatile materials relevant for soft matter and biology. Novel machine learning computational tools open new perspectives for quantum information systems. Here we adopt the open-source programming library TensorFlowTM to design multi-level quantum gates including a computing reservoir represented by a random unitary matrix. In optics, the reservoir is a disordered medium or a multimodal fiber.

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Marini in Communication Physics Tweet. Quantum Reservoir Computing G. Marcucci et al. Deep learning, living, random, optical, and — maybe — useful. Page 1 Page 2 … Page 5 Next page.