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Investigating the foundations of quantum theory should be a glamour specialty within the field, attracting the brightest minds, highest salaries and most prestigious prizes. Physicists, you might imagine, would stop at nothing until they truly understood quantum mechanics. The reality is exactly backward.

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Few modern physics departments have researchers working to understand the foundations of quantum theory. This has been the case since the s, when physicists collectively decided that what mattered was not understanding quantum mechanics itself; what mattered was using a set of ad hoc quantum rules to construct models of particles and materials. The former enterprise came to be thought of as vaguely philosophical and disreputable.

This attitude can be traced to the dawn of modern quantum theory.

Bye bye space-time: is it time to free physics from Einstein’s legacy?

In the s there was a series of famous debates between Einstein and Niels Bohr, one of the founders of quantum theory. But Bohr felt otherwise, insisting that everything was in fine shape. Much more academically collaborative and rhetorically persuasive than Einstein, Bohr scored a decisive victory, at least in the public-relations battle. In the s the physicist David Bohm, egged on by Einstein, proposed an ingenious way of augmenting traditional quantum theory in order to solve the measurement problem. A more recent solution to the measurement problem, proposed by the physicists Giancarlo Ghirardi, Alberto Rimini and Tulio Weber, is unknown to most physicists.

They are legitimately distinct physical theories, with potentially new experimental consequences.

But they have been neglected by most scientists. For years, the leading journal in physics had an explicit policy that papers on the foundations of quantum mechanics were to be rejected out of hand.

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Mobile gravimetry is an important technique in metrology, navigation, geodesy and geophysics. Although atomic gravimeters are presently used for accuracy, they are constrained by instrumental fragility and complexity. A team from Dartmouth College and MIT has designed and conducted the first lab test to successfully detect and characterize a class of complex, "non-Gaussian" noise processes that are routinely encountered in superconducting This site uses cookies to assist with navigation, analyse your use of our services, and provide content from third parties.

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. The best of two worlds: Magnetism and Weyl semimetals. Quantum Physics news.

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Date 6 hours 12 hours 1 day 3 days all. Last day 1 week 1 month all. The best of two worlds: Magnetism and Weyl semimetals Imagine a world in which electricity could flow through the grid without any losses or where all the data in the world could be stored in the cloud without the need for power stations.

General Physics. Sep 20, Researchers build a quantum dot energy harvester Over the past few years, thermoelectric generators have become the focus of a growing number of studies, due to their ability to convert waste heat into electrical energy. Quantum Physics.

Condensed Matter. ZnS scintillation detector with wavelength shifting fiber readout Detectors for reflectometry need to detect a lot of neutrons in a very short space of time. How to get a particle detector on a plane You may have observed airplane passengers accompanied by pets or even musical instruments on flights.

Appreciating the classical elegance of time crystals Structures known as time crystals, which repeat in time the way conventional crystals repeat in space, have recently captured the interest and imagination of researchers across disciplines. Bridge between quantum mechanics and general relativity still possible Quantum mechanics and the general theory of relativity form the bedrock of the current understanding of physics—yet the two theories don't seem to work together. Sep 19, Physicists discover topological behavior of electrons in 3-D magnetic material An international team of researchers led by scientists at Princeton University has found that a magnetic material at room temperature enables electrons to behave counterintuitively, acting collectively rather than as individuals.

Engineers using soundwaves to search through big data with more stability and ease Human beings create a lot of data in the digital age—whether it's through everyday items like social media posts, emails and Google searches, or more complex information about health, finances and scientific findings. Team closes in on 'holy grail' of room temperature quantum computing chips To process information, photons must interact. Sep 18, New hunt for dark matter: Physicists theorize a novel way to explore the nature of dark matter with lasers Dark matter is only known by its effect on massive astronomical bodies, but has yet to be directly observed or even identified.

Hello, world! The different gravitational pulls would force a quantum interaction that behaved as classical relativism would — the particle in less gravity would move with less constraint than the one in stronger gravity. According to Pan, this event formalism attempts to present a coherent description of quantum fields as they exist in exotic spacetime, which contains closed time-like curves, and ordinary space time.

Event formalism standardized behavior across quantum and classical physics. If we did observe the deviation, it would mean that event formalism is correct, and we must substantially revise our understanding of the interplay between quantum theory and gravity theory, Pan said. However, in our experiment, we ruled out the strong version of event formalism, but there are other versions to test.

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The researchers did not see the particles deviate from the expected interactions predicted by the quantum understanding of gravity, but they plan to test a version of their theory that allows for a little more flexibility. We ruled out the strong version of event formalism, but a modified model remains an open question, Pan said. To test this version, Pan and the team will launch a new satellite that will orbit 20 to 60 times higher than Micius to test a wider field of gravity strength.

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