Rotating Mirror Streak and Framing Cameras

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Cordin High Speed Turbine Drive Rotating Mirror for Framing Camera

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Highest speed cameras

Buy this article in print. Journal RSS feed. Sign up for new issue notifications. A novel simultaneous streak and framing camera with continuous access, the perfect information of which is far more important for the exact interpretation and precise evaluation of many detonation events and shockwave phenomena, has been developed. The test data have verified the performance of the camera quantitatively.

What is STREAK CAMERA? What does STREAK CAMERA mean? STREAK CAMERA meaning & explanation

This camera, simultaneously gained frames and streak with parallax-free and identical time base, is characterized by the plane optical system at oblique incidence different from space system, the innovative camera obscura without principle errors, and the high velocity motor driven beryllium-like rotating mirror, made of high strength aluminum alloy with cellular lateral structure.

Experiments demonstrate that the camera is very useful and reliable to take high quality pictures of the detonation events.

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