Soul Revision-A Hawaii Story:Death in the Belly of a Pelagic Shark

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Originally dredged in the late s with the Ala Wai Canal. Facilities include berths, 85 moorings, a ramp, 22 dry storage spaces, and a vessel washdown area. Yacht Harbor. Steep sea stack connected to the point by a thin land bridge and the home of. Same as Menehune Fishpond. Narrow calcareous sand beach fronted by a long, wide, shallow reef.

The reef is one of the island's famous seaweed harvesting sites for limu kohu, or Asparagopsis taxiformis. Limu kohu grows at the edge of the reef where there is a constant flow of water from breaking waves. After it is harvested and cleaned, it is soaked overnight in fresh water to reduce its iodine flavor, drained, and lightly salted. If it is to be sent to market, it is rolled into tight balls.

Allerton, with his adopted son, John Gregg Allerton, turned the property into a tropical garden known as the Allerton Estate. Before his death in , Robert Allerton designated a portion of the estate to be the Pacific Tropical Botanical Garden. The groundbreaking ceremony was held on January 1, When John Gregg Allerton died in , the remainder of the Allerton Estate became a part of the garden.

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The surf site is a shorebreak on the sandbar. Massive limestone rock on the beach, the seaward point of which is shaped like the head and snout of an alligator. Off Alligator Rock. Also known as Baby Sunset, Little Sunset. The group's efforts evolved into a statewide movement. Aloha Tower. The ten-story tower at Pier 10 that at feet 2 inches was the tallest building in Honolulu when it was built in A foot flagstaff tops the tower.

After Diamond Head, it is the most widely recognized landmark on the shore of Honolulu, where it serves as the control tower for shipping traffic in Honolulu Harbor. Surf site, Olowalu, Maui.

Also known as Manta Ray Beach. Amelia Earhart. In the center lookout of Kuilei Cliffs Beach Park. Kate Kelly, Honolulu's leading sculptor of the s and wife of artist John Kelly, made the memorial plaque to honor aviator Amelia Earhart In July , Earhart was lost in the South Pacific during an attempt to fly around the world in her Lockheed Electra. Primarily a bodyboarding site on the reform waves on the inside reef. Named for the ammonia smell from commercial ammonia tanks in the harbor industrial area. Ammo Reef.

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Bullets and other ammunition from a former target range onshore are found on the ocean floor here. Also known as Aquarium Reef. Large amphitheater-shaped rock formation at 15 to 50 feet off Kawaihoa Point. Calcareous sand and lava fragment beach approximately feet long at the head of a wide bay. Beach park 1. Long, wide calcareous sand beach fronted by a shallow sandbar.

Surf sites are located in the shorebreak on the sandbar. Unreals is the name of the surf site next to the ruins of the former interisland steamer landing. The beach park at the north end of the beach is Hawaiian Homes' land that has been leased from the state since One of a series of sea caves on the north side of the peninsula.

Shores, Beaches, and Surf Sites

Also known as Keanaokaluahine, Old Lady's Cave. Also known as Bird Cave, Keananoio. Noddy terns nest here.

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Anglerfish Reef. It was always in the same place during her dives and became like a personal pet. Also known as Anglers Reef. The beach park is midway along the beach. The windsurf site, especially good for beginners, is west of the boat ramp.

Hawaiian Children's Literature

The snorkeling site is west of the channel. The ramp facility in the beach park is for smaller, shallow-draft boats. Ant Man's. Named for the Apo family living onshore.

Kihei woman dies after apparent shark attack off Maui

The surf site is on the west side of the point. Also known as Trains. The land that comprises Kualoa Regional Park. He was the court reporter, the only one in town. The Board of Agriculture was trying to protect the park and the grazing lands, and they encouraged the drives and paid half the cost. Whoever did the drive, though, had to dispose of the goats, and our drives netted from seven hundred to four thousand goats per drive.

We had relatives in Kalapana, the Lane family, and I spent several summers with them. My dad would hire about thirty of them as cowboys and pay them five dollars a day, plus their meals. They had to bring their own horses. The cowboys kept about one-quarter mile behind the goats so they wouldn't get spooked and bolt.

A fence was laid flat across the point and when the goats were driven over it, the cowboys raised it, penning the goats. The point was surrounded by water. They still knew the area well, and everyone got water from the brackish.

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A violent sand-storm swept over us and I lost sight of the other riders. My horse stepped in a hole, reared up to free his foot, and I slid off. I hit the ground really hard, but jumped up right away to grab him. Luckily, he was only walking. My dad had told me many times if I was ever lost to just give the horse its head. They were almost like a domesticated herd. The hides were salted and placed in the shade to cure, and the car-casses were thrown in the ocean for the sharks.

After the hides were cured, they were bundled, trucked to Hilo, and shipped to the mainland. During the evenings on the goat drives, the cowboys would sit around talking and joking, and sometimes tell riddles. This is one that I remember:. This is a big man He has a loud voice All of the people hear him From his balls. Probably the name of a rain. Shallow reef at 15 feet with a dropoff to feet off the Captain Cook Monument. The name attests to the wide variety of fish found here.

Dive site, Kohanaiki,. Aquarium Reef. Also known as Ammo Reef. Series of arches, caves, and chimneys that are an underwater extension of the protruding rocks and small islands at Kamakalepo Point. Underwater arches, caves, tunnels. Surfers call this site Brown's. Arizona Memorial. Arma Hut. During the early s, Dr. Willis Butler bought a beachfront home at Rocky Point.

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His son Bruce was an avid surfer and began riding the waves in front of their home, a large green quonset hut. As a joke, one of Bruce's friends said that Bruce resembled an Armadoon, a cross between an armadillo and a baboon, so the quonset hut was soon known as Arma Hut. Arma Hut was home to many transient surfers and by the mids was also the name of the surf site off the house on the north side of Rocky Point. During the s, Rocky Point replaced Arma Hut as the name of the surf site. This site is also known as Stone Zone.

Armchair Reef. Near Kamaiki Point at approximately 40 feet. Same as U. Army Museum. Army Beach. Atlantis Reef. The reef was started in as an attraction for Atlantis' submarine tours and includes foot-long line fishing vessel, a foot navy yard oiler, the remains of two aircraft, and other fish aggregation devices.